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Energy machine series


Product Name: Ultrafiltration energy machine

Product model: SJE-UF-05

Product size: 410X100X330MM

Rated flow: 120L/H-澳门金沙2015

Filtration accuracy: 0.01 microns

Product price: 2480 yuan (RMB)
    Daily output: 600L/T

    Inlet temperature requirement: 5-38 C

    Shell material: imported food grade ABS, glass baking paint drawing panel.

    Working pressure: 0.1MPa-0.4MPa

    Outline size: 410mm*100mm*330mm-澳门金沙

    Filtration accuracy: 0.01 microns

    Inlet and outlet connection: 2 point quick connection.

    Sewage interface: 2 points quick connection.

    Working principle: ultrafiltration membrane

    Incoming water quality: Standard municipal water supply and other clear water sources-澳门js最新网站

    Filtration process: pre pp+ coconut shell granule activated carbon + compressed activated carbon + ultrafiltration membrane + Post activated carbon.

    Purified water quality: better than the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water Quality" (2006), in which sensory and microbial indicators reached the "bottled (barreled) drinking water hygienic indicators" (GB5749-2006)
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